Web Development

We offer full range of website development services on very low rates, our creative web developers using state of the art web development tools to produce a high quality website designs to full fill client’s needs. Unlike other straight web development companies, we possess marketing expertise to market your business in a new better way.

Interactive CD Presentation

No more passive one-way communication with your customers!

  • An Interactive CD Presentation design is an effective and cost efficient marketing tool to promote your business because:

    * It Engages users- It allows for two-way communication between you and the user. Unlike conventional modes that are passive, an interactive cd-rom presentation engages the user, implying higher user involvement and thus can be effectively used to generate an action by the user.

    * No high printing costs involved here - A cd replicated and even face printed is way cheaper than a printed brochure.

    * More detailed - Imagine the amount of information you can put in 700 mb available on a cd or even bigger file size in a DVD. A print brochure by contrast can carry limited information. And that too in standard text-image format. No videos, no audios, no databases. A corporate design cd presentation carry's a large amount of information without any restrictions.

    A corporate cd presentation is a much cheaper and faster marketing tool offering a tangible medium to showcase the profile of your company. It throws light on the products and services of your organization to the user enabling them to click and browse through all the information of the presentation increasing their interest to discover more about your organization.


We create interactive and user engaging CD Presentation Designs!

CD/ DVD design professionals at BringSoft make sure that our interactive designs generate interest of your clients and prompt them to know more about your organization. We can put data either in static or dynamic manner as per your requirement onto cds or dvds. We can also link it to your website making it easier for users to connect and take the required action. Enquiry now!